Selaginellaceae – Spikemoss Family

Selaginella densa ROCKY MOUNTAINS SPIKE-MOSS.  LESSER SPIKE-MOSS.  PRAIRIE CLUB-MOSS.  Perennial.  White Mountains: Summit of Mt. Baldy, 11,470 feet [K&P;]. Selaginella mutica SPIKE-MOSS.  Perennial.  Grand Canyon National Park: Inner Canyon, 3000-6000 feet (Coconino County).  [PP&B;]. Tsegi and Betatakin canyons (northern Navajo and Apache counties) [K&P;]. Selaginella underwoodii SPIKE-MOSS.  UNDERWOOD’S SPIKEMOSS.  Perennial. Continue Reading

Equisetaceae – Horsetail Family

Equisetum arvense FIELD HORSETAIL.  COMMON HORSETAIL.  Perennial.  Coconino, Navajo, Apache and Gila counties, 5000-8000 feet [K&P;].  Grand Canyon National Park: Kanabownits Spring, North Rim, 7938 feet (Coconino County) [PP&B;].  Northern Hualapai Mountains, Mohave County; moist soil along drainages [JANAS-24/25].  West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon of Coconino County [DP-21(1)]. Equisetum x ferrissii Continue Reading

Dryopteridaceae – Wood Fern Family

~Athyrium alpestre var. americanum (=Athyrium americanum).  AMERICAN ALPINE LADY FERN.  Perennial.  Shown on FNA range map as occuring as close to Northern Arizona as southern Nevada, so should be looked for [FNA-2]. Athyrium filix-femina var. californicum.  SOUTHWESTERN LADY FERN.  Perennial.  White Mountains of Apache County [K&P;]. Cystopteris bulbifera.  BULBET BLADDER FERN.  BULBLET BLADDER FERN.  Perennial.  West Fork Continue Reading

Aspleniaceae – Spleenwort Family

Asplenium adiantum-nigrum.  BLACK SPLEENWORT.  Perennial.  Mt. Elden at about 7500 feet [K&P;]. Asplenium platyneuron.  EBONY SPLEENWORT.  Perennial.  FNA range map shows this species occurring as a disjunct population in the middle of northern Arizona [FNA-2]. Asplenium resiliens.  BLACK-STEMMED SPLEENWORT.  BLACKSTEM SPLEENWORT.  Perennial.  Near Flagstaff (Coconino County), and in the mountains of Gila County, Continue Reading

Amaranthaceae – Amaranthus Family

Amaranthus acanthochiton (=Acanthochiton wrightii).  GREENSTRIPE.  Annual.  Navajo County at ca. 5000-6000 feet [McD]. Amaranthus albus (Amaranthus graecizans is a name misapplied to this species. [USDA]). PROSTRATE PIGWEED.  Annual.  Throughout region at 1000-8000 feet [McD, A. graecizans].  Northern Hualapai Mountains, Mohave County: Along Antelope Wash [JANAS-24/25, A. graecizans]. Amaranthus cruentus.  RED COXCOMB.  PURPLE AMARANTH.  RED AMARANTH.  Annual. Continue Reading

Anacardiaceae – Sumac or Cashew Family

Rhus glabra.  SMOOTH SUMAC.  Shrub.  Yavapai, Coconino, Navajo, and Apache counties, 5000-8000 feet [McD].Rhus ovata.  SUGAR SUMAC.  SUGARBUSH.  Shrub or small tree.  Mohave, Yavapai, and Coconino counties, 3000-5000 feet [McD]. Northern Hualapai Mountains, Mohave County [JANAS-24/25].  Along state highway 96 at ca. 2700 feet elevation, Yavapai County [LD]. Rhus trilobata (=Rhus Continue Reading

Apocynaceae – Dogbane Family

Amsonia jonesii.  JONES’ BLUESTAR.  Perennial.  Extreme northern Mohave and Coconino counties, 4000-5000 feet [McD]. Amsonia palmeri.  PALMER’S BLUESTAR.  Perennial.  Reported from Mohave, Yavapai, and Coconino counties, at 2500-4500 feet [McD]. Amsonia peeblesii.  PEEBLES BLUESTAR.  Perennial.  Coconino and Apache counties, possibly also Navajo County, at 4500-6000 feet [McD].  Coconino and Navajo Continue Reading

Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) – Carrot, Parsley, or Umbel Family

Aletes macdougalii.  MACDOUGAL’S INDIAN PARSLEY.  Perennial.  Grand Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon, Coconino County, at ca. 7000 feet [McD]. Angelica pinnata.  SMALL-LEAF ANGELICA.  Perennial.  Reported from Kaibab Plateau, Coconino Plateau, and from Lukachukai Mountains in Apache County [McD]. Apium graveolens.  WILD CELERY.  Perennial.  Havasu Canyon, Coconino County, low elevations [McD]. Continue Reading