Amaranthaceae – Amaranthus Family

Amaranthaceae - Amaranthus Family

Amaranthus acanthochiton (=Acanthochiton wrightii).  GREENSTRIPE.  Annual.  Navajo County at ca. 5000-6000 feet [McD].

Amaranthus albus (Amaranthus graecizans is a name misapplied to this species. [USDA]). PROSTRATE PIGWEED.  Annual.  Throughout region at 1000-8000 feet [McD, A. graecizans].  Northern Hualapai Mountains, Mohave County: Along Antelope Wash [JANAS-24/25, A. graecizans].

Amaranthus cruentus.  RED COXCOMB.  PURPLE AMARANTH.  RED AMARANTH.  Annual.  “Found in our area only on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Navajo County where it is permitted to grow and reproduce in cultivated fields [McD].

Amaranthus fimbriatus.  FRINGED AMARANTH.  Annual.  Mohave County, western Coconino and Yavapai counties, at 4000 feet and lower [McD].  Grand Canyon National Park: 2000-3500 feet; west of Vulcans Throne near rim of Canyon, Toroweap; Cardenas Creek, and Havasu Canyon, Inner Canyon [PP&B;].

Amaranthus hybridus.  SPLEEN AMARANTH.  SLIM AMARANTH.   Annual.  Mohave, Yavapai, and Coconino counties at 1000-8000 feet [McD].  Northern Hualapai Mountains, Mohave County [JANAS-24/25].

Amaranthus palmeri.  PALMER’S AMARANTH.  CARELESSWEED.  Annual.  Mohave, Yavapai, and Coconino counties, at 5500 feet and lower [McD].

Amaranthus powellii.  PIGWEED.  POWELL’S AMARANTH.  Annual.  Grand Canyon National Park: Toroweap Ranger Station; Buggeln Ranch and Buggeln Tank area, South Rim, at 4900-7200 feet [PP&B;].

Amaranthus retroflexus.  ROUGH PIGWEED.  REDROOT AMARANTH.  Annual.  Grand Canyon National Park: Reported from Havasu Canyon, 3200 feet [PP&B;].

Amaranthus torreyi.  TORREY AMARANTH.  Annual.  Twin Springs Canyon (a tributory of western Grand Canyon near Colorado River Mile 248), Hualapai Mountains, Shivwits Plateau near Kelly Point, all in Mohave County; Paria Plateau in Coconino County [CAN-7(1)].

Amaranthus wrightii.  WRIGHT’S AMARANTH.  Annual.  Reported from Fort Verde in Yavapai County, San Francisco Mountain and Wupatki National Monument in Coconino County [McD].  Northern Hualapai Mountains, Mohave County [JANAS-24/25].

Froelichia gracilis.  SLENDER SNAKECOTTON.  Annual.  Reported from Yavapai and Navajo counties, 4500-5500 feet [McD].

Gomphrena caespitosa.  TUFTED GLOBE AMARANTH.  Perennial.  Reported from Coconino County, 3500-5000 feet [McD].

Tidestromia lanuginosa.  WOOLLY TIDESTROMIA.  Annual.  Throughout region at 5500 feet or lower [McD].

Tidestromia oblongifolia.  TIDESTROMIA.  ARIZONA HONEYSWEET.  Perennial.  Reported in Mohave County at 5500 feet or lower [McD].