Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) – Mustard Family

Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) - Mustard Family

Arabis drummondii.  DRUMMOND’S ROCKCRESS.  Biennial or perennial.  Reported from Apache and Coconino counties, 7000-9000 feet [McD].

Arabis fendleri.  FENDLER’S ROCKCRESS.  Perennial.  Mohave, Coconino, Navajo, and Apache counties, 5000-8000 feet [McD].

Arabis glabra.  TOWER ROCKCRESS.  Biennial or sometimes perennial.  Yavapai and Coconino counties, 4500-8000 feet [McD].

Arabis gracilipes.  FLAGSTAFF ROCKCRESS.  Perennial.  Mohave, Yavapai, and Coconino counties, at 6500 feet and lower, rarely up to 8000 feet [McD].

Arabis hirsuta var. pycnocarpa.  CREAMFLOWER ROCKCRESS.  Perennial.  Northern Coconino, Navajo, and Apache counties, 6000-9000 feet [McD].

Arabis lignifera.  DESERT ROCKCRESS.  Perennial.  Navajo County (12 miles east of Keams Canyon), and Apache County (south of Witch Well) [McD].

Arabis pendulina.  RABBITEAR ROCKCRESS.  Perennial.  “Reported to have been collected twice in Coconino County” [McD].

 Arabis perennans.  PERENNIAL ROCKCRESS.  Perennial.  Throughout region at 2000-8000 feet, the most common species of Arabis in the region [McD].

Arabis pulchra var. pallens.  BEAUTIFUL ROCKCRESS.  Perennial.  Northern Coconino and Navajo counties at ca. 6000 feet [McD].

Athysanus pusillus.  COMMON SANDWEED.  Annual.  Mohave, Yavapai, and Coconino counties at 5000 feet or lower [McD].

Barbarea orthoceras.  AMERICAN YELLOWROCKET.  Biennial or perennial.  Coconino and Apache counties, mostly between 5000-9000 feet [McD].

Brassica juncea.  INDIAN MUSTARD.  INDIA MUSTARD.  Annual or perennial.  Reported from Yavapai and Coconino counties [McD].

Brassica nigra.  BLACK MUSTARD.  Annual.  Reported from Coconino County [McD].

Brassica rapa var. rapa  (=Brassica campestris).  FIELD MUSTARD.  Annual or biennial.  Reported from Kingman (Mohave County) [McD].

Camelina microcarpa.  LITTLEPOD FALSE FLAX.  Annual.  Coconino County at 8000 feet and lower [McD].

Capsella bursa-pastoris.  SHEPHERD’S PURSE.  Annual.  Yavapai, Coconino, and Apache counties mostly below 9000 feet [McD].

Cardamine cordifolia.  HEARTLEAF BITTERCRESS.  Perennial.  San Francisco Mountain (Coconino County), and White Mountains (Apache County), 9000-11,000 feet [McD].

Cardaria draba.  HOARY CRESS.  WHITETOP.  Perennial.  Reported from Peeples Valley and Jerome Junction (Yavapai County), and from Snowflake (Navajo County) [McD].

Caulanthus cooperi  (=Thelypodium cooperi).  COOPER’S WILD CABBAGE.  Annual.  Mohave County, 3500 feet or lower.

Caulanthus crassicaulis.  SQUAW-CABBAGE.  THICKSTEM WILD CABBAGE.  Short-lived perennial.  Reported from northern Coconino County at about 7000 feet [McD].

 Chorispora tenella.  CROSSFLOWER.  PURPLE MUSTARD.  MUSK-MUSTARD.  Annual.  Yavapai and Coconino counties, 3200-7500 feet [McD].  Kingman, Mohave County (roadsides and fields, including county fairgrounds), ca. 3420-3500 feet [LD].

Conringia orientalis.  HARE’S EAR MUSTARD.  Annual.  Reported from Keams Canyon (Navajo County) at 6500 feet [McD].

Descurainia californica.  SIERRA TANSYMUSTARD.  Biennial.  Coconino and Apache counties, 6000-10,000 feet [McD].

Descurainia incana ssp. incisa  (=Descurainia richardsonii ssp. incisa).  MOUNTAIN TANSYMUSTARD.  Annual.

Descurainia incana ssp. viscosa (=Descurainia richardsonii ssp. viscosa).  MOUNTAIN TANSYMUSTARD.  Annual.

Descurainia obtusa.  BLUNT TANSYMUSTARD.  Annual or biennial.  Throughout region at 3500-8000 feet [McD].

Descurainia pinnata.  WESTERN TANSYMUSTARD.  Annual.  Throughout region at 3000-6500 feet [McD].

Descurainia sophia.  HERB SOPHIA.  FLIXWEED.  Annual.  Mohave and Coconino counties, 3000-7000 feet [McD].

Dimorphocarpa wislizeni (=Dithyrea wislizenii).  TOURISTPLANT.  Annual or possibly biennial.  Throughout region at 2000-7500 feet [McD].

Diplotaxis muralis.  SAND ROCKET.  ANNUAL WALLROCKET.  Annual or biennial.  Reported from Tuba City (Coconino County) [McD].

Dithyrea californica.  CALIFORNIA SHIELDPOD.  Annual.  Reported from Mohave County below 4000 feet [McD].

Draba asprella var. asprella (=Draba asprella var. typica).  ROUGH DRABA.  Perennial.  Yavapai and Coconino counties, 5000-8000 feet [McD].

Draba asprella var. kaibabensis.  KAIBAB DRABA.  Perennial. Yavapai and Coconino counties, 5000-8000 feet [McD].

Draba asprella var. stelligera.  ROUGH DRABA.  Perennial.  Yavapai and Coconino counties, 5000-8000 feet [McD].

Draba aurea.  GOLDEN DRABA.  Perennial.  San Francisco Mountain, Coconino County, 10,000-12,000 feet [McD].

Draba crassifolia.  SNOWBED DRABA.  Biennial or short-lived perennial.  San Francisco Mountain, Coconino County, 10,000-12,000 feet [McD].

Draba cuneifolia.  WEDGELEAF DRABA.  Annual.  Throughout region at 1000-7000 feet, the most common species in the area [McD].

Draba helleriana.  HELLER’S DRABA.  Perennial.  San Francisco Mountain, Coconino County, and White Mountains of Apache County, 6000-11,000 feet [McD].

Draba rectifructa.  MOUNTAIN DRABA.  Annual.  Coconino and Apache counties, 8500-9000 feet [McD].

Draba reptans.  CAROLINA DRABA.  Annual.  Northern Apache County at ca. 6500 feet [McD].

Draba spectabilis.  SHOWY DRABA.  Perennial.  Lukachukai Mountains at 7000 feet, Apache County [McD].

 Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa.  SALAD-ROCKET.  ROCKET-SALAD.  Annual.  Along Historic Route 66 southwest of Kingman at ca. 3000-3300 feet, Mohave County [LD].

Erysimum capitatum  (=Erysimum wheeleri).  WESTERN WALLFLOWER.  SANDDUNE WALLFLOWER.  Biennial or perennial.  Found throughout at 3200-10,000 feet [McD].

Erysimum inconspicuum.  SHY WALLFLOWER.  Biennial or perennial.  Mohave, Coconino, and Navajo counties, 5000-8500 feet [McD].

Erysimum repandum.  TREACLE MUSTARD.  SPREADING WALLFLOWER.  Annual.  Throughout the region at 3900-7100 feet [McD].

Guillenia lasiophylla  (=Thelypodium lasiphyllum).  CALIFORNIA MUSTARD.  Annual.  Mohave and Coconino counties, 3500 feet or lower [McD].

Halimolobos diffusa.  SPREADING FISSUREWORT.  Perennial.  Near East Clear Creek, southwest of Winslow, Navajo County, at ca. 5000 feet [McD].

Hutchinsia procumbens.  PROSTRATE HUTCHINSIA.  Annual.  Reported from Pierce Spring, Mohave County, at ca. 1500 feet [McD].

Lepidium alyssoides var. alyssoides  (=Lepidium montanum var. alyssoides).  MESA PEPPERWORT.  Biennial or perennial.

Lepidium densiflorum.  COMMON PEPPERWEED.  Annual.  Throughout region, 4000-8000 feet [McD].

Lepidium fremontii.  DESERT PEPPERWEED.  Perennial.  Mohave County and in Havasu Canyon of Coconino County, 3000 feet or lower [McD].

Lepidium integrifolium var. integrifolium (=Lepidium montanum var. integrifolium).  THICKLEAF PEPPERWEED.  Biennial or perennial.  

Lepidium lasiocarpum.  SHAGGYFRUIT PEPPERWEED.  Annual.  In Yavapai county and probably throughout region, 6000 feet or lower [McD].

Lepidium montanum.  MOUNTAIN PEPPERWEED.  Biennial or perennial.  Throughout region at 3000-7500 feet [McD].

Lepidium montanum var. canescens.  MOUNTAIN PEPPERWEED.  Biennial or perennial.

Lepidium montanum var. glabrum.  MOUNTAIN PEPPERWEED.  Biennial or perennial.

Lepidium montanum var. jonesii.  JONES’ PEPPERWEED.  Biennial or perennial.

Lepidium perfoliatum.  SHIELD CRESS.  CLASPING PEPPERWEED.  Annual.  Coconino County, 3500-7000 feet [McD].

Lepidium thurberi.  THURBER’S PEPPERWEED.  Biennial or perennial.  Yavapai County at 5000 feet or lower [McD].

Lepidium virginicum var. medium (=Lepidium medium).  MEDIUM PEPPERWEED.  Annual.  Found throughout at 7500 feet and lower [McD].

Lesquerella cinerea.  BASIN BLADDERPOD.  Perennial.  Throughout region at 2500-7000 feet [McD].

Lesquerella fendleri.  FENDLER’S BLADDERPOD.  Perennial.  Navajo and Apache counties, 4000-7000 feet [McD].

Lesquerella gordonii.  GORDON’S BLADDERPOD.  Annual.  Mohave and Yavapai counties, 5000 feet and lower [McD].

Lesquerella intermedia.  MID BLADDERPOD.  Perennial.  Throughout region, 5500-7300 feet, the most common species [McD].

Lesquerella kaibabensis.  KAIBAB BLADDERPOD.  Perennial.  Coconino County: Kaibab Plateau, 8400-8800 feet [ARPC].

Lesquerella ludoviciana.  FOOTHILL BLADDERPOD.  Perennial.  Coconino and Navajo counties, 5000-7000 feet [McD].

Lesquerella purpurea.  ROSE BLADDERPOD.  Perennial.  Found in Yavapai County, reported from Coconino County, at 5000 feet or lower [McD].

Lesquerella rectipes.  STRAIGHT BLADDERPOD.  Perennial.  Coconino, Navajo, and Apache counties, 6000-8000 feet [McD].

Lesquerella wardii.  WARD’S BLADDERPOD.  Perennial.  Reported from Pleasant Valley on Kaibab Plateau, northern Coconino County [McD].

Malcolmia africana.  AFRICAN MUSTARD.  Annual.  Reportedly near Wolf Hole, northern Mohave County, and from Fredonia, 3500-4500 feet [McD].

Matthiola longipetala (=Matthiola bicornis).  EVENING STOCK.  NIGHT-SCENTED STOCK.  Biennial.  Near Holbrook in Navajo County at ca. 5000 feet [McD].

Pennellia longifolia (=Thelypodium longifolium).  LONGLEAF MOCK THELYPODY.  Biennial.  Yavapai, Coconino, Navajo, and Apache counties, 5500-9500 feet [McD].

Pennellia micrantha  (=Thelypodium micranthum).  MOUNTAIN MOCK THELYPODY.  Biennial.  Yavapai and Coconino counties, 3000-7000 feet [McD].

Physaria chambersii.  CHAMBERS’ TWINPOD.  Perennial.  Reported from near Pipe Spring in Mohave County, and from north side of Grand Canyon, Coconino County, at ca. 5000 feet [McD].

Physaria newberryi.  NEWBERRY’S TWINPOD.  Perennial.  Coconino, Navajo, and Apache counties, at 5000-7300 feet [McD].

Rorippa curvipes var. truncata (=Rorippa obtusa var. integra).  BLUNTLEAF YELLOWCRESS.  Annual.  Coconino and Apache counties, 7500-9000 feet [McD, lists Rorippa obtusa but USDA indicates that only var. integra, as a synonym, is found in Arizona].

Rorippa curvisiliqua.  CURVEPOD YELLOWCRESS.  Annual or biennial.  Yavapai, Coconino, and Navajo counties, up to 7200 feet [McD].