Selaginellaceae – Spikemoss Family

Selaginellaceae - Spikemoss Family

Selaginella densa

ROCKY MOUNTAINS SPIKE-MOSS.  LESSER SPIKE-MOSS.  PRAIRIE CLUB-MOSS.  Perennial.  White Mountains: Summit of Mt. Baldy, 11,470 feet [K&P;].

Selaginella mutica

SPIKE-MOSS.  Perennial.  Grand Canyon National Park: Inner Canyon, 3000-6000 feet (Coconino County).  [PP&B;]. Tsegi and Betatakin canyons (northern Navajo and Apache counties) [K&P;].

Selaginella underwoodii

SPIKE-MOSS.  UNDERWOOD’S SPIKEMOSS.  Perennial.  Grand Canyon National Park: South Rim (Coconino County) [PP&B;].  Kaibab Plateau to Mogollon Escarpment [Rim] (Coconino and Gila counties) [K&P;].  West Fork Oak Creek Canyon of Coconino County [DP-21(1)].

Selaginella watsoni

ALPINE SPIKE-MOSS.  Perennial.  Grand Canyon National Park: North Rim, 7600-8300 feet (Coconino County) [PP&B;].